Survivor Cagayan cast officially announced

CBS has officially announced the Survivor Cagayan cast, and as we already knew, it’s all new players, though heavily stocked with people who have some fame already.

In the cast preview video below, Jeff Probst explains that “We have more heroic, likable, funny people that are salt of the earth. Doesn’t mean we don’t have our villains.” He also says that the tribes are divided by “qualities that it takes to win this game,” adding later, “it takes a combination of beauty and brains and brawn.” Really, Probst? It takes beauty to win? Sigh.

Here are the cast members, followed by a video with brief introductions and also Probst’s instructions about who to pre-hate:

Brawn Tribe
Cliff Robinson, 46, Former NBA All-Star
Lindsey Ogle, 29, Hairstylist
Sarah Lacina, 29, Police Officer
Tony Vlachos, 39, Police Officer
Trish Hegarty, 48, Pilates Instructor
Yung “Woo” Hwang, 29, Martial Arts Instructor

Brains Tribe
David Samson, 45, President, Miami Marlins
Garrett Adelstein, 27, Pro Poker Player
J’Tia Taylor, 31, Nuclear Engineer
Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen, 41, Attorney
Latasha “Tasha” Fox, 37, Accountant
Spencer Bledsoe, 21, Student

Beauty Tribe
Alexis Maxwell, 21, Student
Brice Johnston, 27, Social Worker
Jefra Bland, 22, Miss Kentucky Teen USA
Jeremiah Wood, 34, Male Model
LJ McKanas, 34, Horse Trainer
Morgan McLeod, 21, Ex-NFL Cheerleader

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