Cee Lo Green’s nose smoke removed from The Voice online

During Monday night’s live performance episode of The Voice, Cee Lo Green removed something from his mouth and smoke comically came out of his nose, as if he was a fire-breathing dragon. It could have been an electronic cigarette, which results in exhaled vapor.

Whatever it was has been edited out of the episode that appeared online, because hiding and concealing something is the best way to convince people that it was innocuous.

USA TODAY reported that “NBC seems to have edited it out of the full episode up for viewing now.” MTV News notes that Cee Lo “was acting more erratic than usual almost from the start of the live competition,” and that follows Cee Lo being “in the spotlight due to drug charges, recently pleading not guilty to an ecstasy-related felony.”

Regarding the editing, there’s no “seems”–it has definitely been removed.

Compare the two clips below, in which Blake Shelton is telling Grey that he’d hoped to steal her from Adam’s team: “This is what I was worried about: is you coming out here and being as dominant as you are.” In the first, originally broadcast version, filmed by someone and put on Instagram, there’s a cut to reaction shots from other coaches, and Cee Lo’s smoke is visible, but in the second, there’s a cut to Grey instead.

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