Devastastion and death in the Philippines, which has hosted Survivor for four seasons

The Philippines–which has hosted this year’s and last year’s productions of CBS’ Survivor Philippines, Survivor Caramoan, Survivor Blood vs. Water, and next spring’s edition–was hit by Typhoon Yolanda, aka Typhoon Haiyan, on Friday, and it was “one of the worst storms ever recorded,” according to the AP, which called it “a catastrophe of epic proportions [that] has shocked the impoverished and densely populated nation of 96 million people.”

Photos of the devastation show why it “appears to have killed many more people than the previous deadliest Philippine storm, Thelma, in which about 5,100 people died in the central Philippines in 1991,” according to the AP. In a single city, Tacloban, more than 10,000 people are likely dead.

The most affected are was Leyte Island, which is to the southeast of Camarines Sur province, where last year’s two seasons were filmed in Caramoan in the late spring and early summer of 2012. This year’s two seasons were filmed in the northernmost part of the country, in Cagayan province, on the island of Luzon.

On Oct. 31, a different storm, Typhoon Krosa, aka Typhoon Vinta, hit Luzon and damaged more than 30,000 homes and killed four people.

You can donate directly to the Philippine Red Cross or find other ways to help.

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