Survivor preview appears to reveal who returns from Redemption Island

Survivor Blood vs. Water‘s previews are often spoiler filled, to the point of revealing major plot points–such as tonight’s merging of the two tribes–but a preview for tonight’s episode rather seems to rather subtly, or even accidentally, reveal who will return from Redemption Island and re-join the game.

As a tipster notes, in the “Skin Of My Teeth” preview, there’s someone partially visible behind Tina when the tribe is gathering merge feast food. That’s at the seven-second mark in the commercial below.

Based on the clothing that John, Laura M., and Laura B. are wearing at the duel (see that in the “next time on” preview), it is very obvious which of the three returns to the game.

Update, Nov. 7: The video has been made private on YouTube and deleted from Here’s a screenshot of the moment with the person blocked out.

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