Mythbusters at LAX during shooting; Survivor’s Katie reacts to Tina’s caveman comment; advice from a mouse

  • Mythbusters‘ Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara were at LAX’s terminal three during Friday’s shooting, on their way to filming in Delaware for Science’s Pumpkin Chunkin. Belleci was interviewed on all three cable news networks, though CNN and MSNBC didn’t identify him; Fox did, but Shepard Smith called him “she” twice. After tweeting about it while it was happening, both talked to EW about what they witnessed.
  • Tina Wesson’s comments on Survivor about her daughter, Katie, being single prompted me to freak out and prompted others to dismiss what she said as just a funny hilarious metaphor, because who doesn’t compare their own child’s happiness to being beaten over the head with a club and dragged into a cave. (And yes, I know she meant it as a joke.) But I digress. Since the editing did not actually include Katie talking about Vytas, let’s consider Katie’s reaction. Of her mother’s comments, she tweeted, “I’m 26 and she’s still embarrassing me.” She also responded directly to what Tina said about a potential partner: “if any guy tried to club me I don’t think my first thought would be oh! ‘Marriage material!'”
  • Why Masterchef Junior is awesome, in a single GIF.
  • American Idol‘s Clay Aiken and Taylor Hicks will play themselves on Law & Order: SVU this Wednesday: not as sexual offenders, but as judges on a fake reality series, alongside Ashanti.
  • CNN renewed its Morgan Spurlock series Inside Man for a second season. I wanted to like it, because he’s charismatic and makes compelling arguments, but I was just never captured by the subject matter, perhaps because his connection to the subject matter usually seemed like it wasn’t motivated by passion.
  • Guy Fieri appeared in court related to the theft of his car, and the sketch artist drew a hilarious picture of him.
  • A man who worked as a project manager on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and other shows, such as Bar Rescue, was arrested for shoplifting at Target Oct. 21.
  • Yet another unlikely person singing incredible opera: Here, it’s a 9-year-old, Amira Willighagen, on Holland’s Got Talent.
  • The fall 2013 reality TV debut schedule was updated this past week–lots of new and returning shows in November and beyond.
  • The story of a college student who thought he was the star of a Dave Matthews Band reality TV show; he suffered from what psychiatrists think is a new form of persecutory delusion disorder that has been nicknamed The Truman Show delusion after the incredible, prescient Jim Carrey film.
  • Via Kottke, here’s a video of an amazing mouse, which I think gives the best possible life advice without saying a word:
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