Kitchen Nightmares’ Amy and Samy on reddit, the devil, deportation, Gordon Ramsay

Kitchen Nightmares superstar trainwrecks Amy and Samy Buzaglo appeared on the Phoenix Fox affiliate to “fire back at critics,” and of course the resulting interview will feed the “online legion trolls” (as Amy calls redditors) even more.

Definitely watch the two segments, one broadcast and one outtakes, for the full effect, such as Amy spontaneously meowing when asked to do word association for Samy. Fox 10’s Kari Lake tells the cameras, “I’m a little nervous” before going in, but ultimately says “I found [Amy] to be funny.”

Here are highlights of Amy and Samy’s thoughts:

  • Their appearance on the Fox series: “We were entertained by it,” Amy says as Samy paces in the background. But she also says “we were portrayed in the wrong light”; “we were introduced to the world on the wrong foot”; “we are legitimate business people. We are not psychotic. We are wild and crazy and zany and nutty, but in a good way.”
  • The devil and Gordon Ramsay: “We’ve been attacked, under pressure. Then, like I said before, like, the devil came out of me,” Samy said. “I cannot let someone like Gordon Ramsay humiliate the whole–everyone cannot humiliate me and humiliate my wife. Then I show the world he is nothing and he’s still nothing.” Samy later calls him “a clown.”
  • On money laundering: Samy said, “I have thousands of credit cards; that is not laundering money.”
  • Amy explains Reddit: “It needs to be closed down. I don’t know what to say about Reddit. I can’t say anything that’s not filtered and you won’t have to bleep. … Reddit is a place where they allow people to talk about, You should go put a bullet in your head, and posting our home address online, saying here’s their address, you know what to do, go kill their cats. … Online legion trolls.” Asked to do word association, she says, “Reddit is for people who have nothing better to do with their lives.”
  • Their three cats: “They are in paw-tective custody right now, my cats,” Amy said.
  • On the petition: “we were investigated,” Amy said. “After four weeks, after seven years of being in business, we didn’t even have one violation. Nothing.”
  • Will Samy be deported? “Maybe? We don’t know. But I’m still fighting it,” he said. Amy said that people should “thank God” he’s here because, among other reasons, he pays taxes and “he saves animals that have been abused.”
  • Why they are doing another reality show: “We have to show everybody the real us.”

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