Amazing Race 24 all-star teams identified

The 24th season of The Amazing Race has long been rumored to be yet another season of returning cast members, and teams who are allegedly participating have just been identified. They include Rachel and Brendan, of course/alas.

Nine of the 11 teams are from the past four seasons of the show, and all are from seasons that have aired in the past three years, continuing a CBS tradition which assumes viewers have no memory.

The teams were revealed in a series of tweets (1, 2, 3, 4) by the anonymous person who goes by Miss Cleo, who apparently joked about the source of the information to try to (get a team in trouble), and has been concealing the teams’ identities since June.

Typically, the race films from mid-November into December, for about three and a half weeks, depending upon the itinerary. Also typically, teams aren’t identified until the race gets underway and they are photographed in the airport and on their route.

Considering that production isn’t even close to starting, there could easily be changes to this list before then (just as there was for this season of Survivor, which had a last-minute substitution).

Here are the identitied teams:

  • Jet and Cord, cowboys, season 16 and 18
  • Andy and Tommy, snowboarder friends, season 19
  • Rachel and Brendon, annoying Big Brother couple, season 20
  • Bopper and Mark, best friends, season 20
  • Natalie and Nadiya, twins, season 21
  • Caroline and Jenn, country singer friends, season 22
  • Dave and Connor, father and son, season 22
  • Joey and Meghan, YouTube friends, season 22
  • Pam and Winnie, best friends, season 22
  • Tim and Marie, exes, season 23

Update: Trey and Lexi, the dating couple from season 21, was originally on this list but are no longer on the cast, if they were to begin with. Also, this post was updated to clarify that the tweet attributing the information to Jet and Cord was intended as a joke, though it did not read like one at all.

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