Laura Morett warns about her edit on tonight’s Survivor

A cast member on Survivor Blood vs. Water has warned friends and family that what will be shown on television tonight doesn’t reflect reality. Laura Morett, who’s married and has kids, says that tonight’s episode will suggest that there was some kind of intimacy between her and someone else even though the situation was “innocent” and thus she’s “offended” that the network is “implying anything inappropriate” took place.

She doesn’t go into greater detail, but it’s an interesting advance warning from a cast member who has a lot of integrity. Here’s her full Facebook post:

“To all my family and friends: I knew going into this that I was taking the chance of the risk of the “edit” of Hollywood. Tonights episode of Survivor does just that. They have taken a COMPLETELY innocent situation and make it look “Intimate”. Those of you that know me, know my heart and how much I love and value my Faith, my husband & my family, and those of you that don’t, you are going to think want you want, but please know that I would have given that same massage to my sons. So that is why I am so offended by how CBS is implying anything inappropriate. Please hang in there with me, I know it doesn’t make sense now, but it will as the weeks go by. If you think this show has been intense so far…..just wait….the excitement is just about to start. Thank you for all your support. It REALLY means a lot to both Ciera Morett Eastin and myself. Please join Ciera Morett Eastin and myself at Gilgamesh Brewing to watch tonights episode. Thanks again. Keeping the Faith”

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