One of four brothers who got a Shark Tank investment died earlier this year

A man featured on Shark Tank in 2012 along with his three brothers was killed in a car accident earlier this year. His brothers appeared in an update segment on tonight’s episode, revealing that Keith “KJ” Mastronardo died. The four got an investment from Barbara Corcoran in their organic skin care line Nardo’s Natural.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that on March 19, KJ “swerved his motorcycle to avoid hitting [an] animal” and “lost control and was thrown off the motorcycle, landing in the path of a Toyota heading west on Belleair Road [in Clearwater, Fla.], which struck him.”

His obituary says he “moved to Florida to join his three brothers, [his girlfriend] Megan followed and is teaching k-5th grade,” while he and Megan “planned to be married soon.”

On tonight’s episode, one of his brothers said, “A large piece of our family and business has been lost, but it’s made us bond as brothers, and we’re doing our best to remain positive to continue pursuing the American dream.”

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