Awful talk show host Bethenny Frankel makes Kate Gosselin seem sympathetic

Bethenny Frankel used her low-rated talk show last week to grill former Jon & Kate Plus Eight star Kate Gosselin about her finances, and ended up making the former TLC star look good, especially by comparison to the former Bravo star whose talk show will hopefully be cancelled soon.

Bethenny began her line of questioning by paraphrasing gossip reports and acting as if those were accurate, saying, for example, “you’ve got some plastic surgery–so they say, but it looks like it.” Then she repeated another rumor by qualifying it with the word “theoretically”: “You were theoretically hanging out with your security person.” Kate dismisses that.

Bethenny, who’s awful, then tries to get her studio audience to gang up on Kate: “Do you guys want to know where the money is?” Hilariously, there’s just light, awkward applause. Then Bethenny says, judgmentally, “I don’t judge you at all.”

Kate revealed that the earnings from the show and put it in a college fund for her kids, saying, “I took this amount of privacy from my kids–I’m fully aware of that.” Had Bethenny actually been listening instead of being myopically focused on grinding Kate down to try to create some news, she might have actually found that to be an interesting topic of discussion. But why discuss when you can talk at your guests and make yourself look awful?

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