Amazing Race creator on Double U-Turns, all-star seasons, locations, and more

The Amazing Race debuts its 23rd season tonight, and HitFix’s Dan Fienberg talked with the series’ creator, Elise Doganieri. Their in-depth conversation is worth a read, and covers everything from casting to security in various locations, although it doesn’t address the problems that eventually led me to stop watching.

Among the insight: “100 percent” of the route and twists are locked before production begins, Doganieri said, though they have backup plans in case of weather, but everything from clues to what Phil will say has been decided.

In addition, the show’s producers and CBS representatives actually vote on whether or not to do an all-star season and, it seems, other major twists: “All of the executive producers and CBS, we all throw our opinions in the mix and then there’s a giant vote and wherever the vote leans is where we got to.”

Perhaps most significantly, Fienberg gets Doganieri to re-consider the logic behind the Double U-Turn. He’s frustrated specifically that a U-Turned team can U-Turn another team before completing their U-Turn. She says, “That’s a very good question. I don’t know. I’ll bring it up with the Challenge department. … I don’t know if we’ll change it, but I will definitely think about that a little more.”

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