Shocking: Bachelor has its first non-white star, Juan Pablo; Bachelorette spoiler wrong

It was a night of actual surprises on The Bachelorette, which ended in a way that disproved a spoiler and also revealed that The Bachelor has, for the first time in its 18-season history, cast a non-white person to lead its cast less than a year after the show’s super-white casting was declared free speech by a judge.

The shocking turn of events last week ended up with what seemed like one of the least-likely scenarios: Brooks did not come back. Instead, Des quickly got over him and accepted Chris’ proposal. Yes, this is the home of empowered women who couldn’t possibly propose to a man.

That disproved Reality Steve’s spoiler, which he was sticking with last week; acknowledging previous mistakes, he said, “It happens. I’ll bounce back.”

Meanwhile, the show announced that Juan Pablo Galavis, who was rejected by Des, will be the 18th Bachelor star. ABC’s press release pointed out that “With his Spanish accent, good looks, salsa moves and undying devotion for his daughter, Juan Pablo, 32, was a fan favorite.”

He was, but I don’t think he has a Spanish accent, even though he may speak Spanish: The former pro soccer player is from Venezuela, which means he has a Venezuelan accent, right? But cut ABC a break: this is new territory for them.

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