Probst responds to criticism about Survivor casting, twists

Survivor Blood vs. Water‘s many twists, including the return of the obnoxious Redemption Island and the casting of Rupert Boneham (for the fourth time) and Colton Cumbie (who’s already been on the show one too many times), has generated a lot of negative feedback, though there are certainly many people who love things like Rupert’s return.

However, host/producer/showrunner Jeff Probst has responded to some criticism on Twitter. Probst’s responses seem to be a combination of oh-well resignation (“we’ll miss you” to people who say they won’t watch) and playfulness, like his reply to someone who said he fucked up the reunion hosting.

As to this season, responding to the suggestion by many (including me) that this season sounds like the show is jumping the shark, he wrote,

Regarding the casting of Colton Cumbie: In March 2012, Probst said, “I can’t imagine celebrating Colton and bringing him back,” though he did also say, “But, I could be wrong on that.”

He was; Colton’s back. Here’s what Probst responded to a viewer who was disgusted by that casting:

Probst took a lighter approach to responding to criticism about four-time player Rupert:

The return of Redemption Island, True Dork Times’ Jeff Pittman points out, will allow someone to be voted out four times this season, thanks to the swap-out twist (FOUR TIMES). One viewer’s negative response prompted this:

But Probst–who, remember, has already seen the whole season so his predictions are based on knowing the actual outcome–seems excited about the fundamental change to this season, which is what I think will make or break it: the affect of having Amazing Race-style pairs playing the game. Here’s what he wrote:

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