Valerie Harper on DWTS as brain cancer nears remission; new TAR cast; Idol’s judge problem

  • Valerie Harper will be on Dancing with the Stars despite despite a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer that suggested she wouldn’t live through the summer. Her doctor now says she’s “pretty close to a remission.” TMZ reports that she’s paired with Tristan MacManus; other cast members include Snooki, Amber Riley, and Elizabeth Berkley.
  • The new Amazing Race cast was announced, and includes no returnees or cast members from other reality shows, just former NFL teammates and friends who are wives of baseball players, in addition to cousins from Afghanistan and married ER doctors. Here’s a preview.
  • Omarosa was one of the people on a bus with members of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family when it was involved in a minor accident after the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the civil rights march on Washington. She tweeted that she “got banged up a lil.”
  • American Idol can’t find people who want to judge the show, and are now talking to Harry Connick Jr. after Dr. Luke couldn’t sign on because of conflicts with his record label and the show’s deals. EW reports on what’s transpired so far, including the network’s desire to have at least one black judge.
  • Simon Cowell won’t rule out returning to the UK’s X Factor; he also said, “It’s just so easy after 10 years to get lazy and make the same show again.” Or after two seasons.
  • Spike has ordered a new series with Bar Rescue‘s Jon Taffer–and Top Chef‘s John Besh and Tiffany Derry–on which they’ll help failing restaurants. Hungry Investors will be a competition between two restaurants to see which one gets a cash investment.
  • Ken Marino was campaigning for an Emmy for his web series Burning Love as a sign spinner.
  • Les Stroud’s Survivorman will air in France.
  • Top Shot ended its all-star season this week with a strong but kind of anticlimactic finale; the show’s future is uncertain. Slate’s Justin Peters argues that the series should stick around because it’s useful for teaching liberals about gun culture.
  • Has Project Runway really “gotten good again” in its 12th season?
  • You must read this life advice from Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson, illustrated by another artist in the style of Watterson’s strip, using text from a graduation speech Watterson gave. Brilliant and awesome.
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