Gordon Ramsay earned Fox $185+ million over the past year

Fox reality superstar Gordon Ramsay earned the network more than $185 million in the past year from advertising alone, according to estimates. And that does not include product placement or integration.

Adweek reports that “Ramsay is an ATM” for Fox, and “helped generate approximately $157.6 million in ad sales revenue for Fox” last year; add “$29.2 million in advance commitments that Fox is likely to have secured for a 13-episode run of MasterChef Junior and Ramsay has delivered north of $185 million in sales for Fox since August 2012.”

The story notes that MasterChef outperforms Big Brother among viewers 18 to 49 and is “trailing NBC’s America’s Got Talent by four-tenths of a ratings point.”

Ramsay appeared in front of TV critics last Thursday to promote MasterChef Junior, which features young chefs–and a lot of safety safety precautions, including a paramedic at every single station. The preview, below, makes it look like it could be a fun twist on the format, in no small part because the kids are both talented and hilarious.

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