Kardashians ending? Giving You the Business “a total fraud”? Wendy Williams and Def Leppard reality series; Netflix docs

  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians may end soon, an anonymous report suggests. Three years ago I asked the family if they ever intend to give up living on reality TV, and they said no.
  • Netflix has found success with its original series–most recently Orange is the New Black, but also Arrested Development and House of Cards, and in a letter to shareholders, the company revealed that it will start producing original “broadly appealing feature documentaries” (along with “stand-up comedy specials”) because “Netflix has become a big destination for fans of these much loved and often under-distributed genres.”
  • One of the winners of Food Network’s Giving You The Business is suing, claiming the show is “a total fraud” because he did not receive his own franchise, but instead received a single share of stock. Kris Herrera managed a frozen yogurt franchise, 16 Handles, and said, “I feel like it’s a total fraud. They lied to me and they are lying to the American public. Every week dozens of people come into the store and congratulate me on winning my own franchise store. They don’t know all I got was the shaft.”
  • TVGN, the network formerly known as the TV Guide Network and the home to Big Brother overly censored After Dark, is planning two new celebrity focused series: a documentary series following talk show host Wendy Williams (“an inspiring look behind the curtain at her personal life during the most challenging period in her career,” her Broadway debut) and prime-time show with John Rich (“a primetime television project that is one part talk, one part reality and all parts Nashville”).
  • The producers of The Real World followed Def Leppard for a multi-episode documentary series that follows the band as it performed at Hard Rock in Las Vegas. The series doesn’t yet have a network, but could go on to follow other bands. Executive producer Jon Murray said in a press release, “By taking viewers inside the performance we will capture the music and the personal stories of the band members, juxtaposed with the memories of their devoted followers. By bringing together these bands, AEG and Hard Rock Hotel, we’ve built a team that will deliver music documentary at its best.”
  • American Idol winner Scotty McCreery says that a producer at an early audition told him to sing a non-country song because he wasn’t auditioning for Nashville Star.
  • A cast member from Sundance Channel’s series Push Girls, Chelsie Hill, has co-written Push Girl: A Novel, which is “based on her own life,” according to a press release, though it is a fictional account that “will open the eyes of readers everywhere who have never met someone who lives with paralysis.”
  • For the first time in my knowledge, I’ve been blurbed in ads for AMC’s second season of The Pitch. And unlike so many blurbs used in advertising, which ad exclamation points or otherwise distort the quotation, it’s actually a direct quote from my review of the show.
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