Lindsay Lohan’s reality show gets producers, credibility

Producers for the 2014 Lindsay Lohan reality series, which will air on Oprah Winfrey and Discovery’s network OWN, were announced today: They are Pilgrim Studios’ Craig Piligian and Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker Amy Rice.

Together, they bring a lot of credibility to the show, which perhaps may have seemed like a craven attempt for OWN to get ratings it desperately needs by feeding off of Lindsay Lohan’s decaying life.

OWN president Erik Logan told TV critics, “OWN has entered into an exclusive agreement with Lindsay Lohan to produce an eight hour documentary series that will showcase her rebuilding her personal life and her career. And, today, we are announcing that the production company we have chosen to partner with Pilgrim with us is Pilgrim Studios. Leading that charge from Pilgrim will be Craig Piligian, executive producer; Oprah Winfrey, who will be featured in the series; and documentary filmmaker Amy Rice.”

Pilgrim has produced shows such as Top Shot, The Ultimate Fighter, American Chopper, and Wicked Tuna, while Amy Rice co-directed the HBO documentary By the People: The Election of Barack Obama. Both have produced high-quality and acclaimed nonfiction, and are likely to produce a series that is both responsible and authentic.

The series is different than the previously announced interview Oprah will do with Lindsay Lohan after she gets out of rehab, which the network previously called “an exclusive highly anticipated in-depth conversation.”

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