Masterchef contestant posted racist tweets

A finalist on Fox’s fourth season of Masterchef, Krissi Biasiello, posted at least two comments to Twitter with racist content, including on that uses the n-word to refer to basketball players.

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Molly Eichel reported on two tweets, adding that there were more that were not included in the story because “these are enough.” (Actually, no: If you have more examples of something you suggest is a pattern, your responsibility as a journalist is to provide the public with all the information you have; you don’t get to withhold it because you “figured” that’s all we need.)

Krissi’s tweets referred to the NBA as “Niggers Bouncing Around,” hashtagging her tweet “thatsracist.” In another tweet that linked to this article, she wrote, “Better make sure you’re on top when sleeping with a black guy … Otherwise it’s probably rape.”

Her official show Twitter account is still active, but her personal account was deleted after the newspaper posted its story.

Earlier, on her official account, an argument with another Twitter user who directed the phrase “you degos” at Krissi prompted her to write, “You should be ashamed of yourself for using such a racial term.”

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