Bravo’s Below Deck cast member did gay porn

Bravo debuted yet another reality series about rich people behaving badly last night, but Below Deck seems different, in part because it focuses on the people who have to serve the poorly behaved rich people. Oddly for a 2013-era Bravo docudrama, the first episode was rather watchable, and even had surprising moments.

Like Million Dollar Listing New York, which features former gay porn star Fredrik Eklund (aka Tag Eriksson), the series features a former gay porn star who’s now doing more safe-for-work work.

Below Deck cast member and former Marine David Bradberry did “a handful of scenes for amateur military studio, as well as a film for Dirty Bird Pictures co-starring fellow aspiring Hollywood actor Brent Corrigan,” The Sword reports. He has received attention before for his work in porn. Bravo’s bio says he “is currently in a long term relationship with his boyfriend, Trevor,” who Dudetube says is gay porn star Trevor Knight.

Dudetube has photos and The Sword has a video of his non-yacht work.

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