Bachelor creator: “I really wanted to give [Bachelor Pad] a break”

Mike Fleiss says that Bachelor Pad was cancelled this summer intentionally, because he wanted to “give it a break” because there weren’t enough stars to be on the show.

He told EW’s Dalton Ross, “I thought it might be good to give it a break for a little while — let the fans starve for it a little bit so that next summer when it comes back…”

That’s a little-known TV strategy: cancel your show to encourage viewers to tune in when you un-cancel it.

But that is Fleiss’ intention: “I have a good feeling it will be back next summer. I really wanted to give it a break because I did not feel like we had enough superstars to populate the pad.”

Gee, what could be causing there to be a lack of return-worthy superstars on The Bachelor and Bachelorette? It’s not like they’ve been casting one-note people just for shock value.

Of course, not having a cast does seem like legitimate reason for not airing it, never mind that ratings were down more than 25 percent last summer compared to the previous summer.

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