Probst: all-winners season discussed, wouldn’t include all winners

A Survivor all-winners season, which is usually mentioned as a possible format for the CBS show’s final season, has been discussed by producers but might not reunite every winner to play the game. Of course, that is becoming increasingly unlikely because the number of winners is pushing into the mid-20s for a format that usually involves 18 to 20 people.

Jeff Probst told EW’s Dalton Ross:

“We’ve talked about an all-winners season quite a few times and it really comes down the cast. A: Do you have enough winners that will come back and play? Of those winners, are there enough of them that are good characters, because not all winners make for great TV? And then, do you have enough men and women, and then, is there enough diversity in age and all that stuff? And so it takes a lot. But yes, if we knew it was our last season and the network told us ‘this is it,’ I’m sure we would try to do something to go out in a way that would please the audience.”

Perhaps most disturbing is the part about “good characters,” because as we know from the reunions and the repeated casting of people with Hantz DNA, Probst’s version of a good character isn’t the universal definition, and usually includes alpha males rather than sly strategists with female parts.

By the way, the article/podcast teaser also says Probst called in from an “undisclosed filming location” (it’s a new location in the Philippines) and, linking to an article in which Probst talks about family members facing off against each other, insists that “Jeff Probst broke news about the next season of Survivor: Blood vs. Water” on EW’s radio show. Nice try, but no, he did not.

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