Text, online votes on The Voice not counted after “issues,” “inconsistencies”

Votes cast online and via text this week on The Voice weren’t counted because the company that handles voting for the show noticed “inconsistencies” and “issues,” but viewers were assured that removing those votes did not affect the outcome.

Carson Daly said that the show’s voting company, Telescope, which also manages voting for American Idol and other shows, “certifies that removing those votes did not affect the outcome for any team.”

Its CEO appeared on stage and chatted with Carson Daly, if you count overly scripted, carefully worded banter as a chat. “We quickly identified the problem and we were able to taking steps moving forward to make sure it doesn’t reoccur,” Jason George said. In a statement, NBC added,

“On this week’s episodes of The Voice, we encountered issues with the systems used for online and SMS voting. We are addressing both issues, and in an abundance of caution are not counting the votes that may have been affected. Telescope, the independent company that administers voting for the show, has certified that removing those votes does not affect the outcome for any team.”

This is both remarkable transparency and still rather mysterious; it’s also fascinating that text and online votes didn’t affect the outcome, either because they tracked closely to call-in votes, or because there were so relatively few of them.

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