“Backdoor Teen Mom” porn; Myrtle Manor arrests; Shredder, Transformers reality shows; PBS stars as Avengers

  • Paramount is casting four roles in Transformers 4 via a reality competition in China: the very specifically named Transformers 4 Chinese Actor’s Talent Search. It’ll find two non-actors and two professionals to star in the film with Mark Wahlberg.
  • Interesting theory: every third season of American Idol sucks.
  • A producer for Man vs. Wild, Steve Rankin, was filming a new Discovery series called Naked & Afraid when he was bitten through his boot by a poisonous snake in California, and there are WARNING CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK horrifying pictures of the injured foot and post-surgery wound tweeted by him and Bear Grylls. I warned you.
  • Vivid Entertainment bought Farrah Abraham’s sex tape and will release it May 6 as “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.” TMZ has lame images from the lame-looking video, in which she has sex with James Deen, and says she sold it for “high six figures.”
  • Three cast members of TLC’s Welcome to Myrtle Manor were arrested within days of each other last week: Lyndsay Brooke Colbert, for DUI; Amanda Lee Adams, for DUI; and Taylor Jonathan Burt, charged with “criminal sexual conduct with a minor under age 16.”
  • A cast member on truTV’s Bear Swamp Recovery, Joseph Derrico, is a former cop who collects disability of almost $70,000 for being “totally and permanently disabled.” However, on the show, he’s shown fighting, but a fellow cast member told NBC 4 New York, which investigated along with New Jersey Watchdog, that it “was all fake It was all staged. Nobody was exerting any physical activity. Nobody was actually fighting; it was mocked for TV.”
  • Speaking of fakery, TV critic Alan Sepinwall asks interesting questions about whether Duck Dynasty would be still be insanely popular if it wasn’t presented as a reality show.
  • Storage Wars has reportedly “frozen out” three other cast members from some episodes, including auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson, and Darrell Sheets.
  • A French reality star, known as the “Gallic Kim Kardashain,” had her Wikipedia France page deleted after its editors decided she was “more buzz than of encyclopedic interest.”
  • Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino says “I don’t really like doing reality TV,” so now he’s doing an awkwardly staged talk show on MTV called The Show with Vinny.
  • Producers are looking in Maine for reality show ideas.
  • A production company is trying to raise $125,000 on Kickstarter to fund production of the pilot episode of Finding Home, which will tell stories related to “the phenomenon of modern adoptions, the new family dynamics they create, and the issues that each story brings up.”
  • Canada’s Discovery Channel is filming a show about giant shredders at a company that has amazing video of things being shredded, like a hot tub and bowling balls. A six-year-old shredding fan from Newtown will be on the show’s finale to act as shredding boss for the day.
  • Survivorman will return with Les Stroud being stranded for 10 days instead of seven; the new series has been ordered by Travel+Escape Canada.
  • GrittyReboots has turned PBS stars, including Mister Rogers and Bob Ross, into The Avengers, out to save the world from the toxicness of reality television. I wish this was funnier and had better impressions, but probably because I was weaned on PBS, I love the idea:
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