Duck Dynasty cast prove why they’re popular, get beaten by Swamp People

Duck Dynasty‘s extreme popularity is now as well-known as its total artificiality. It’s a scripted sitcom that lies to viewers, except it’s honest about one thing: its cast members’ personalities.

The cast appeared on Katie Couric’s talk show Wednesday, and did a good job of proving why they are entirely the reason why the show works, and why it’s going to be all but impossible to duplicate its success (though a lot of networks will be trying, ugh).

They played a version of Family Feud (during which the Swamp People cast members demonstrated some remarkable Kardashian knowledge) and told stories about the show’s origin. They’re not exactly new to doing media or interviews, and are obviously confortable in front of cameras, but still, they’re funny and charming and comfortable with being themselves, and that works.

Later on the episode, some blowhard talked for a few minutes about why rural reality shows are popular right now:

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