Big Brother Canada houseguest’s massive screw-up gives win to wrong person

Big Brother Canada ended tonight with a hilarious and dramatic screw-up on the part of one houseguest who accidentally cast her vote for the wrong person, giving the $100,000 prize to Jillian MacLaughlin instead of Gary Levy, since the final vote was 4-3.

When host Arisa Cox revealed her vote, Topaz Brady leapt out of her chair, saying, “Wait a minute. Wait, what?” Arisa said, “Topaz, we made the rules really, really clear. You vote for who you want to win.” Topaz insisted, “no, someone switched it, don’t do this to me.” This was especially hilarious because Topaz cast her vote confidently, insisting “my vote is 150 percent secure.”

All this led to an awkward Big Brother moment worth of the US version where the host had her back to the camera and Topaz asked “why can’t we just re-do it?” Arisa said, “it’s not up to me.” After the break, they showed footage of Topaz voting that actually showed nothing, which would fuel conspiracy theorists if Canada has those. Instead, it’s just the dumbest move in Big Brother history.

That concluded the first season of Canada’s Big Brother, which started by lying to the audience but, according to those who watched, apparently improved on the US version in various ways, including a strong cast and constant twists, never mind a better house and high definition.

Its strong ratings pretty much guarantee a renewal, and drama like this certainly doesn’t hurt:

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