Adam Scott: Bachelor? Kathy Griffin cancelled; Sing Off revived; Trading Spaces’ Hidli

A few words before the links to relatively trivial things: I’m as horrified as everyone else at the Boston Marathon bombings, but I can’t say anything that even approaches the eloquence of Patton Oswalt’s Facebook post, which you may have already seen. Also: here’s a list of things you can do to help, and even if you just watched footage on TV, friend of reality blurred Jane McGonigal tweeted yesterday advice for dealing with seeing something traumatic that’s backed by research. Both are worth a read. Be well.

  • Masters winner Adam Scott, not the Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation, was is being pursued to star in ABC’s The Bachelor even before he won the Masters on Sunday.
  • G4’s transformation to Esquire Network will now happen this summer instead of next week, when two reality shows were set to debut, including one starring Top Chef winner Ilan Hall. American Ninja Warrior will be among the series that will help launch the network’s rebranding.
  • There’s another reality TV-related twist to the Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s sex tape/porn film story: Radar says she tried to get someone to pretend to be her boyfriend to be cast on VH1’s Couples Therapy.
  • Tabloids say that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, who became early celebrity reality stars with their show The Osbournes, have separated after 31 years of marriage, but Jack Osbourne called those reports “bullshit.”
  • Kathy Griffin’s terrible Bravo talk show has been cancelled after its second season, as she announced during a stand-up routine. The only surprise is why it wasn’t cancelled after the first season.
  • NBC is reviving The Sing Off for a fourth season, and Mark Burnett will produce it. In related news, this story about Sarah Bareilles “leaving” the show cracked me up, because she only judged one season, which aired in 2011. That’s not exactly leaving; at best, it’s “not returning to a show no one thought would return.”
  • There is some good news for those of us who are horrified by The Real World‘s decline: its ratings keep dropping, unless the kids are watching on some device or platform that ratings ignore.
  • The cast members on Celebrity Apprentice raise money for charity, one of the parts of the show that keeps it palatable for many viewers, and Salon looked at some of those charities to see how they use their money and whether or not they even still exist.
  • Bleacher Report has compiled a slideshow of The 20 Saddest Reality Show Athletes Ever.
  • Blake Shelton is officiating Kelly Clarkson’s wedding.
  • Stephen Colbert takes down History’s The Bible, produced by Mark Burnett, who Colbert calls “the man who wrote The Bible”; in a clip, Burnett–in all seriousness–insists that the miniseries will lead to more than a billion people reading The Bible.
  • Remember Hildi Santo-Tomas from Trading Spaces? This Buzzfeed collection of her five most terrible rooms reminded me of just how selfish a designer she was (flowers! hay! broken glass!). I miss her and that show.
  • River Monsters‘ fifth-season debut was the most-watched debut episode ever on Animal Planet: 1.8 million people watched.
  • I’m warning you: the following sentence, from an E! News press release, may make you throw up multiple times. It’s about an April 21 special about the Kardashians: “Now, for the first time ever, executive producer and close friend Ryan Seacrest, sits down with the stars Ryan helped to introduce to the world for an all-new, no-holds-barred special to revisit some of the series’ most controversial and talked about moments, and get the real story on their lives now.”
  • There are no more men left on American Idol, but here’s information about the alleged feud between Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos.
  • Heidi Klum saved her son from drowning while they were on vacation in Hawaii.
  • America’s Got Talent‘s live episodes will be broadcast from Radio City Music Hall this summer.
  • Duck Dynasty cast members have reached the level of fame where they’re now the subject of tabloid reports of them skipping out on fans, in this case not signing autographs. How mean.
  • The Real World Miami (Delicious Deliveries!) cast member Joe Patane just published a second memoir: It’s All Good, It’s All Love: Tales of an undiagnosed ADHD kid turned MTV personality turned Licensed Clinical Social Worker. It follows his first book, Livin’ in Joe’s World: Unauthorized, Uncut, and Unreal: The Memoirs of Joe Patane from the Miami Cast of MTV’s The Real World.
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