MTV’s Real World marathon this weekend: let’s all feel old together

In advance of next week’s debut of The Real World Portland, the 28th season of the reality series, MTV announced that it will air marathons of three curiously chosen seasons of the show this weekend: season one, three (The Real World San Francisco), and season 12 (The Real World Las Vegas, also known as the beginning of the franchise’s slide into sluttiness and stupidity).

Seasons one to four are on Hulu Plus, and season one is on DVD, so it’s not like they’re appearing from nowhere, but having an old-fashioned marathon on the actual television will be fun. Season one starts Friday at 8 p.m. ET; San Francisco starts Sunday at 8 a.m. Las Vegas comes in the middle, oddly, starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

MTV is calling this “RetroMTV” to make those of us who remember these seasons, including the first Las Vegas-set season, feel old. The press release does that, too, saying they “will take fans on a trip down memory lane and introduce a whole new generation to the pioneer of reality TV.”

I blacked out for a moment imagining that there’s an entire generation who doesn’t know who Pedro or Puck are, or who may not understand what was so damn amazing about Julie and Kevin’s argument on the street outside their loft. But I cannot wait to re-watch that season and reconnect with what the show used to be, and compare it to my memory–in between tweets about it, of course.

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