The Biggest Loser is the biggest thing on loser NBC

NBC’s ratings failure during February sweeps are detailed in a New York Times article that is best summed up in this one sentence: “no episode of any show on NBC in February came within one million viewers of a show on PBS: Downton Abbey.”

NBC is doing so terribly that it was well behind Univision, and The Biggest Loser tied with The Office to bring the network its highest rated prime-time episodes this month, earning a 2.1 among viewers 18 to 49. Both were beaten by AMC’s post-Walking Dead talk show Talking Dead, which got a 2.2.

But never fear: NBC scheduling exec Jeff Bader told the paper that its “heavy-hitters,” particularly Celebrity Apprentice and also The Voice, which has replaced two of its coach/stars with two new people and is attempting a third season of the same show in the past year.

So yes, NBC’s greatest hope comes from Donald Trump and Gary Busey–and those swivel chairs.

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