The best Hoarders parodies

Hoarders is off the air–possibly forever–but its legacy lives on in many, many parodies that have been created over the three and a half years since it debuted.

Most fail to capture the essence of the series, or even to demonstrate that its creators paid attention when watching (the therapist never appears on camera before the hoarder, sheesh). And I’ve also not seen a parody that tries to parody the actual recurring cast of the A&E series, perhaps because that’d require strong impersonators to pull off. But three parodies stand out as perfectly capturing the core of the series while also being hilarious.

Yahoo’s new parody really hits the show’s editing, look, and feel, and even the writing in its interstitial title cards. That does a lot for making this very convincing as an actual episode of Hoarders, but I mostly appreciate this version for bringing to light another serious condition that we need to pay more attention to so those who suffer from it can get the help they desperately need.

Next is College Humor, which didn’t parody the A&E show as much as it parodied Skyrim, so it’s mostly funny if you know the game. But this version gets points for setting the show in an alternate universe, and for its particularly awesome call-out to a familiar sight from Hoarders:

Finally, here’s Funny or Die’s 2011 entry, which is the classic Hoarders parody. It used other reality stars in addition to a pretty great cameo. It also does the best job of hitting the beats of the actual clean-up process, especially of the hoards that involve infestations.

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