Amazing Race’s “most diverse cast ever” officially announced

The cast of The Amazing Race 22 was announced by CBS this morning, even though it had been identified earlier, as usual. Among them: hockey players, country singers, Muslim twin doctors, and YouTube stars.

In the preview below, Phil Keoghan describes this as “the most diverse cast ever,” while executive producer Bertram Van Munster says, “we know their weaknesses, we know their strengths, we know their phobias.” We do not know how that will play into the race.

What we do know is that if this race is like the preceding 10 seasons or so, the knowledge we have of the cast from this preview and these bullet points will be repeated all season and we will never get any character development or insight beyond that, because they are interchangeable cogs in a rusted machine.

  • Idries Abdur-Rahman, 36, and Jamil Abdur-Rahman, 36; twin doctors
  • Max Bichler, 30, and Katie Bichler, 24; newlyweds
  • Mona Egender, 33, and Beth Bandimere, 36; roller derby moms
  • Bates Battaglia, 36, and Anthony Battaglia, 33; pro hockey player brothers
  • Chuck McCall, 46, and Wynona McCall, 49; married taxidermist and hairstylist
  • David O’Leary, 58, and Connor O’Leary, 21; father/son cancer survivors
  • Caroline Cutbirth, 29, and Jennifer Kuhle, 30; country singer friends (Cutbirth is a descendant of Daniel Boone and Kuhle is John Wayne’s granddaughter)
  • Joey Graceffa, 21, and Meghan Camarena, 25; YouTube host friends
  • Pamela Chien, 29, and Winnie Sung, 29; best friends
  • Jessica Hoel, 26, and John Erck, 27; dating
  • Matthew Davis, 25, and Daniel Moss, 24, best friends/firefighters

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