The Glee Project’s future: unclear

The Glee Project, one of cable’s best competition series, may not return to Oxygen this summer thanks to its close connection to the Fox series, which hasn’t yet been renewed by Fox.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Rob Owen talked to Oxygen’s president, Jason Klarman, who said, “We’re waiting for when they get a greenlight from Fox. It’s just finishing its fourth season and many of the deals are getting renegotiated. It’s much more complicated than whether they’re picking it up or not.”

One part of the complication: If Fox doesn’t renew Glee until May, for example, there would be no show this summer, because there isn’t enough time to produce it (“We just couldn’t pull that off. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t do it for the following summer”), though Klarman said that they could air Glee Project later in the summer than they have before. The bad news about a late renewal would be that the competition series exists to cast a role on Glee, so if Glee Project aired in the summer of 2014, that’d be after the conclusion of the fifth season of the Fox show, meaning Glee would have to get a sixth season, too, for that to make sense.

This isn’t necessarily bad news, but it is distressing, especially as Oyxgen today announced a bunch of awful-sounding shows targeted toward its audience of young women. Those include Fat Girl Revenge (“settling the score after the pounds have been shed”), Find Me My Man (“helping urban professional women fix their solo status”), and Too Young to Marry?, which is about teen weddings. They’re also developing a pilot of Propos’d, which is about humiliating women “who constantly push and nag their boyfriends to get an engagement.”

So, yes, Oxygen actually thinks women who aren’t married are broken, those who’ve lost weight still need to give their power to others, and affirms that engagement is something that a man bestows upon a woman, obviously in exchange for some goats from her father. Sickening, truly.

And especially sickening if this crap isn’t balanced out by the awesome, fun, truly positive Glee Project.

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