Tug of War: an actual reality show from Big Brother’s producers

The CW aired a series based on musical chairs last summer, and now the producers of Big Brother are working on a show based on an even simpler game: tug of war. Yes, this very real show is being produced by Alison Grodner and Rich Meehan’s Fly On the Wall Entertainment.

Doron Ofir Casting is searching for participants for the show, which is apparently called Tug of War. They want “the biggest personalities, the greatest storytellers, the most unlikely candidates and the fiercest competitors to put together the ultimate cast for the premier season of this incredible recreation/survival series.”

The show is described on the casting web site as “an all-new competition adventure show with a huge six figure prize” and “the greatest nostalgic adventure and the best summer of your life,” so it sounds like there will be more to the show than tug of war. Perhaps, like on a Big Brother challenge, contestants will get sprayed with white goo while tugging.

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