Mystery solved: Survivor Philippines has the best merged tribe name ever

Dangrayne: The Survivor Philippines merged tribe’s name appeared on the screen, but we never saw the new tribe come up with the name; it was just there, its origin a mystery. Now, thanks to Jonathan Penner, we know the full story. The name is the tribe cursing the weather with a misspelling of “dang rain.” As clever as that is, their original name for the merged tribe was even more angry at the weather: Fuckingrayne.

Penner revealed this in an interview with HitFix, in which he recalls using a “television-savvy” send-off to his tribemates (“suck eggs”) instead of one that wouldn’t be broadcast (“fuck off”). That leads him to tell this story:

We had originally called our tribe “Fuckingrayne” and the producers were like, “Well, you can call it ‘Fuckingrayne,” but it’ll never make it on and we’ll never see the flag and you’ll never get to say it and that’s a stupid thing to do.” That kinda thing. So we were like, “Alright. Ha ha ha. ‘Fuckingrayne,’ ha.” So we called it “Dangrayne” instead, which was even more Filipino-sounding, I think.

Even though the tribe’s name is not Fuckingrayne, that still makes it the best merged tribe name ever, though there’s not much competition on “Nobag,” “Te Tuna,” and the others. (Here’s a full list of tribe names.)

Part of this story was revealed in an unaired scene about the painting of the tribe flag, though the footage skips over the whole “Fuckingrayne” part, of course. Even Abi likes it (“I loved how we played with the words”), but RC is not a fan:

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