Russell Hantz posts JT’s immunity idol letter, note from Jeff Probst

Remember the awesomely stupid letter that JT wrote to Russell during Survivor Heroes vs. Villains when he gave Russell an immunity idol as a strategy to help save Russell and eliminate Parvati?

Today, Russell posted a photo of the full letter, which Parvati read out loud during the show, and which looks like was written by a fourth grader. The letter has been, as Russell tweeted, “signed by all the idiots involved.”

Russell also posted a photo of another handwritten note: that one is from Jeff Probst and says, “You got robbed,” and is dated Dec. 28, 2009, It’s not like this is a surprise, but it’s good to know Jeff lets his favorites know who they are–and on official Survivor letterhead. (That was about two months before Russell was identified as the source of spoilers about his two seasons.

If there is ever a Survivor museum, both of these belong in it.

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