Glass House producers sue CBS for harassing them

The legal battles over ABC’s The Glass House and CBS’ Big Brother have not ended, even though CBS lost in court and dropped its lawsuit. The network continued to pursue two producers and one ABC executive who used to work on Big Brother, and now, they’re suing for harassment, saying they want CBS to drop arbitration proceedings that are seeking $1 million in damages from them.

Glass House producers Kenny Rosen and Michael O’Sullivan, and Corie Henson, ABC’s VP of reality TV, say in their lawsuit that CBS “intended to send a message that former CBS employees who later dared to work for a competing show would be punished” because even after dropping their federal lawsuit, “CBS was not done harassing plaintiffs. On the same day that CBS dropped the plaintiffs from its federal case, it belatedly attempted to invoke the previously ignored arbitration provision in the non-disclosure agreements.”

CBS responded in a statement that said, “We believe this is simply an attempt to delay the inevitable arbitration proceeding. We are very confident in our position that there has been a violation of signed, written confidentiality agreements, and we will look forward to a determination of that matter by the arbitration panel.”

But even if a judge doesn’t force CBS to drop arbitration proceedings, as this new lawsuit requests, will that arbitration panel be able to do anything about the CBS’ hurt feelings?

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