Cyber Monday special: tell me what I should write about

Today is Cyber Monday, the end of the beginning of our month-long consumerism binge, which begins on Black Friday–or even earlier this year, on Thanksgiving Day, because who wants to sit around listening to racist grandparents when you can shove aside (or shoot) fellow bargain-hunters for a chance at a $38 Blu-Ray player?

Anyway, this conclusion to these four days of shopping is today, when you can go online and get exactly what you want for a discounted price, so I thought I’d apply that to reality blurred instead of just encouraging you to watch more Hoarders to avoid buying more crap.

I always appreciate feedback and suggestions, so you can request whatever you want. Alas, my Cyber Monday deal comes with no guarantee that I’ll actually deliver, but that makes ordering far more exciting, doesn’t it?

So, tell me:

  • What kinds of stories should I do more often or less frequently?
  • What do I not know that I should know? (I realize my ignorance is virtually endless, so this is a big question.)
  • What shows should I be watching that I’m not?
  • What would make reality blurred better? I mean, besides replacing me with someone less irritable.

E.mail me and let me know the answers to any of those questions or others. And as always, feel free to send links, clips, documents, or anything else.

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