Fox’s “total f up” with X Factor, baseball

The X Factor was interrupted last night by baseball, and while having that show taken off our televisions for a few moments should be welcome, it turned out to be a mess that Simon Cowell called “a total f up.”

Fox announced that last night’s episode will air, in its entirety, on Tuesday, because it was interrupted by a rain delay in game three of the National League Championship Series, which is apparently baseball.

What happened, apparently, was that an afternoon game was delayed due to rain, and Fox aired an episode of Ben and Kate followed by the start of The X Factor. Before the top 16 were revealed, though, Fox started broadcasting a repeat of The Mindy Project. The game appeared to be resuming, so Fox pulled the plug on the reality show, abruptly airing some of The Mindy Project instead.

Basically, “a lot of shit happened.”

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