Dana reveals her illness, Carter’s attitude toward women; Dawson’s surprising conversation with Jeff Kent

The crippling illness that took Dana Lambert out of Survivor Philippines was diagnosed by a medic as an “irritated” “tummy,” but now we know the non-technical description of her affliction: dehydration.

Dana says she was suffering from it from day one, and perhaps even before the game began. She was sick “[a]t the very beginning of the show. I was fighting off serious stomach stuff. I didn’t know if it was nerves or not being used to the food and stuff we were eating [or] the rain,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

Dawson, whose real name is Sarah Dawson (!), said that she actually told Jeff Kent she knew who he was, even before she the teasing we saw on Wednesday’s episode. She told The Hollywood Reporter, “I tried to form an alliance with him over it, and he did not want to form an alliance with me. I’m not sure why. I guess I came off as one of the ‘young unmarried people’ — is that how he described us? And he didn’t want an alliance with those people.”

Interestingly, Jeff denied that he was the baseball player: “He tried to downplay it and ignore it. I could see the wheels turning in his head to deny, deny, deny. Look at me — how could I be 100 percent sure who he was? I’m a ‘young unmarried girl’ — what could I know? So he was going with: Deny, deny, deny.”

Finally, and perhaps most shockingly, Dana told XFinity’s Gordon Holmes that Carter is a “chauvinist.” Yes, Dana says that the guy who stares at his navel and makes blank faces was a full-on Probst.

“Carter was definitely playing the male game. Whether or not he was in our alliance, when it came to challenges Carter’s thought every single time is that he wanted to sit all of the girls. And I know it probably has a lot to do with his age, but he definitely has that thing where women are weak, men are not. He just didn’t have any faith or trust in women that they could compete as hard as he could. I like Carter, but he did piss me off quite a few times,” she said.

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