Fall broadcast reality shows, ranked by popularity

The fall TV season is a month old, and Entertainment Weekly has ranked all of broadcast television’s shows, from most- to least-popular, based on the number of viewers ages 18 to 49.

Here’s the list minus the scripted and sports shows, revealing what reality shows–all of which are competitions–are the most popular. Of course, if this was based on overall viewers, the list would change (Dancing with the Stars attracts the old folks), and often what matters is not overall ranking, but how well a show performs in its timeslot. Shark Tank, for example, rates low here but just had its highest ratings ever and the network ordered two more episodes.

Check out the full list to see actual ratings and how these shows rank against scripted series:

5. The Voice, NBC
9. The Voice Tuesday, NBC
18. The X Factor Wednesday, Fox
22. The X Factor Thursday, Fox
28. Survivor: Philippines, CBS
33. The Amazing Race 21, CBS
33. 60 Minutes, CBS
45. Dancing with the Stars, ABC
56. Dancing with the Stars results, ABC
60. Shark Tank, ABC
73. America’s Funniest Home Videos, ABC
91. America’s Next Top Model, The CW
98. Oh Sit!, The CW

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