The Rock reality show, Big Brother’s Lane naked?, American Pickers sit-com, rank and judge reality casts

Reality Rank is an interesting way to summarize your feelings and predictions about a competition reality show–including Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance, and Project Runway–on a clever and amusing scorecard. The results can be posted to Twitter or Facebook, and that’s it.

You may remember Big Brother‘s Lane Elenburg from his shower masturbation or his gay slur and laughter about sexual assault. Recently, QueerClick examined naked pictures of a guy and “are 99.99% certain that’s him.” You judge. (Update: QueerClick deleted its post, which is mirrored here and elsewhere, and in Google’s archives.)

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, will produce and mentor The Hero, a new TNT competition that The Rock says “speaks to everything I believe in when it comes to challenging ourselves, becoming better people and making the right choices while growing from the wrong ones.”

American Pickers is becoming a multi-camera sit-com at CBS, described as “a workplace comedy set in an antiques and collectables shop.”

Michael Clarke Duncan, the actor, died Monday; he was engaged to Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, who performed CPR after he had a heart attack earlier this summer. He never recovered from that heart attack, though. Omarosa said, “I am devastated. He was the love of my life.”

Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson talked to Australia’s 60 Minutes about her suicide attempt and said that “sometimes, especially if people are wanting you to kill yourself, and you’re somebody who has previously tried to end your life, it’s very, very easy to feel like that’s exactly what you want to do. … I’ve never had death threats to this ferocity. I’ve never had a campaign to this ferocity. … Yeah, it’s the usual woman-on-TV vitriol. It’s what I’m used to. I’m not used to an entire campaign of being told to kill myself.”

Emmy-nominated reality TV producer Troy DeVolld, whose off-camera work I’ve highlighted before, is producing a documentary called Remember: We’re Not Here (something producers often say to their casts) that he says is “about those clever and creative folks behind the scenes, how they came to work in this wild genre, and how they feel about the industry as well as fans and critics of their work.” He’s trying to raise $25,000 in four months to fund it. Watch its trailer.

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