Ryan Lochte as The Bachelor? Or DWTS with Michael Phelps? And proof Jersey Shore cast isn’t acting

If you need proof that the cast of Jersey Shore actually isn’t acting as they interact in a contrived context, watch this Funny or Die video in which they pretend to argue about politics as a way to encourage their viewers to vote. Their acting is so terrible it’s barely watchable. [Funny or Die]

Ryan Lochte–by the way, if you have not yet read this Jezebel piece on him, do it right now–has at least three reality show offers and Mike Fleiss wants him for The Bachelor. But he’s only said he wants to go on Dancing with the Stars, and he and the show’s producers would like Michael Phelps on, too. Of course he does, and of course they do. It could happen: Phelps said he won’t rule it out. [NBCNews.com]

Derek Hough was dancing at a gay club but reportedly “freaked out when a fan tried to take his picture.” [Radar]

GSN, the Game Show Network, is moving into reality TV, calling its reality shows “real-life games.” [Variety]

Two people pretended they were filming a reality show (“You Just Got Robbed”) while they robbed people. They were arrested. [KDKA Pittsburgh]

Pink told The Daily Telegraph that said no to American Idol and X Factor judging offers. “I said no because you can’t be honest. People will hate you if you’re honest,” she said. “People would just hate me more than they already do. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. Besides, you can sing karaoke anywhere.” [Herald Sun]

Mark Burnett’s ex-wife, Dianne, claims in her upcoming memoir that Survivor crew members have sex with each other on location. NO. WAY. WHAT. She also claims that, post-Africa, Mark went on a safari without her but with another woman. [New York Post]

Paranormal State star Ryan Buell has pancreatic cancer and is posting updates about his condition on Facebook. [After Elton]

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