Four judges for Idol, with Nicki Minaj? Plus Top Chef cruise, Voice changes, Ryan Lochte closes in on Bachelor

American Idol may return to a four-judge panel, because that worked so well last time. That’d be Mariah Carey and the latest rumors, Keith Urban (or another country star), Enrique Iglesias (or another Latin star), and Nicki Minaj. Randy Jackson could become a mentor. Or all this could change. [The Hollywood Reporter]

You can now book tickets on the four-night April Top Chef cruise, which includes contact with Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and contestants from the regular and Masters version of the series (no Padma?!). [Top Chef: The Cruise]

We appear to be moving ever-closer to a Ryan Lochte-fronted season of The Bachelor, which would be perfect on every level–especially because already becoming bros with Chris Harrison, he told Jay Leno he needs his family’s permission before going on the ABC. [Los Angeles Times]

AMC renewed its low-rated but awesome advertising agency competition series The Pitch, and ordered two new series, including a taxidermy competition. [AMC press release]

A former Millionaire Matchmaker is going to prison “for seven federal crimes, including conspiracy, and wire, bank and mail fraud.” That Patti sure can pick ’em! [The Tampa Bay Times]

The Voice is modifying its format slightly, allowing the coaches to take each other’s discarded contestants, but not getting rid of the black hole known as the battle round. [Billboard]

Deadliest Catch creator and reality TV uberproducer Thom Beers may become general manager at FremantleMedia North America, which produces American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and more. The company bought Beers’ company three years ago. [Variety]

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