Bachelor at GOP convention, Project Runway bullying, Snooki’s baby mocked, Rachel Zoe drama

The Bachelor 3 star Andrew Firestone is a delegate at the Republican National Convention this week; he compared the two experiences by saying, “the candidates I think in The Bachelor are a lot better looking.” The man who needed a TV show to find love told a TV station, “To have as many people who are counting on the federal government for support whether it’s unemployment, or it’s disability, or to be part of an expanding government is unhealthy.” [KEYT]

Snooki squeezed out a baby, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, on Sunday (August 26, of all days). Her rep announced the birth by saying, “The world just got another Guido!!!” As if that wasn’t cruel enough, he’s already being mocked–this National Post piece imagines his first 10 years–and he’s just one day old. [National Post]

Terri Herlihy, the woman who says she was “bullied” by Project Runway designer Ven Budhu during the “Fix My Friend” episode of the show and afterwards via Twitter, says that producers “did a great job of editing it because it was so much worse than what was shown. They edited it to my advantage because I would’ve kept looking stupider on TV.” [NBC News]

Will a third Rachel Zoe assistant get a reality show while her show gets cancelled? Bananas. Die. [New York Post]

Remember Mandisa from American Idol‘s fifth season? She said Simon Cowell’s criticism of her weight was “hurtful and mean” but also caused her to lose 100 pounds; she has a new EP out, too, in addition to her 2011 album. [Good Morning America]

On Oprah’s Next Chapter, Kelsey Grammer said that he did Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because he “owed something to that person, that I owed fame” to Camille Grammer–though he wouldn’t say her name–because “she’d given up so much.” Also, you can now buy their $17.9 million home featured on the show. [YouTube]

Forbes’ list of the highest-paid celebrities includes five people currently on network reality TV shows: Howard Stern is at #7, with $95 million; Simon Cowell, #10 with $90 million; Donald Trump, #18 with $63 million; Ryan Seacrest, #19 with $59 million; #20 Britney Spears, #20 with $58 million. [Forbes]

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