Top Model judge bullied, hospitalized; Wife Swap kid arrested for prostitution; Ryan Seacrest’s story; Randy Jackson out?

There’s another report that Randy Jackson won’t judge American Idol and will instead be a mentor, but I’m not sure how this unsourced report compares with the unsourced July story that said the same thing.

Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson was hospitalized after being attacked by people on Twitter, who told her to kill herself and sent pictures of dead people, among other things–all apparently because she’s an anti-bullying advocate.

This fascinating profile of Ryan Seacrest reveals, among other things, that he turned down hosting Family Feud to audition for American Idol as a judge, and later convinced the show’s producers to let him co-host.

Former reality stars Sean Duffy and Piers Morgan faced off over rape.

A former Wife Swap contestant, who appeared on the show when she was 16 and got a present from her parents every day, was arrested for prostitution and possession . Since the episode aired in 2008, The AP says “her father has been imprisoned for money laundering and her mother was convicted of tax evasion.”

Taylor Hicks was chosen by Republicans to sing Lee Greenwood’s grating song at the RNC last night (Lee Greenwood isn’t happy about it), but not because of his allegiance to the party. When asked if he was a Republican, Taylor said, “I’m figuring that out.”

GLAAD’s 2012 Network Responsibility Index [PDF] cites many examples of reality TV shows contributing some or even all of a network’s representation of gay, lesbian, and transgendered people. For example, Full Metal Jousting‘s Jake Nodar provided History’s only “LGBT-inclusive content this year.” Survivor‘s bigoted strategist Colton Cumbie gets a mention, because being inclusive also means casting LGBT people who are assholes.

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