Jersey Shore will end after its sixth season

MTV’s improbable success Jersey Shore, which is the most-watched series in the network’s history, will end after its sixth season, which debuts in October. After immediately penetrating the pop culture zeitgeist, and continuing to be among the country’s most written-about celebrities, its cast won’t go anywhere any time soon, including on the spin-off Snooki & JWOWW.

Why would MTV cancel its “highest rated series ever” and a show that was “the #1 cable series for P12-34 consecutively for all five of its previous seasons”? A combination of things, such as the fact that the show ran out of ways to attempt to capture that season-one magic again, never mind that the (increasingly well-paid) cast members might want to use their fame to do other things now.

That the show lasted six seasons is a testament to both the strength of the cast members’ personalities and the producers, who managed to stretch out a concept well past the point at which it should have worked. A pre-fame, pre-attention first season is hard to duplicate, and eventually became a farce as the show ignored their fame and did other sketchy things. But that never really affected the show’s popularity.

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