Double Dare host Marc Summers: now vacuuming on reality TV

The host of Nickelodeon’s original and awesome Double Dare, Marc Summers, now vacuums the set of a cable reality show. However, he’s also the executive producer of Restaurant Impossible, the Robert Irvine-hosted restaurant makeover show that broadcast its 50th episode last week with a quasi-behind-the-scenes and mostly recap episode.

In that, Marc Summers revealed that, on the crew, “everyone jumps in. I tend to vacuum a lot.” And we saw footage of him doing just that.

Besides that, the special touched on the fact that the show involves a lot more than what we see on screen, though it didn’t go into details about how the designer plans the designs and buys everything well in advance (of course), or why every single episode involves Robert screaming at the designer and carpenter, wasting time to express the obvious need for speed.

However, one of the show’s co-executive producers revealed that there’s a 30-person crew (including three camera operators, three executive producers, associate producers, two audio people, the carpenter and his team, and “a whole support staff”) works with 9,000 pounds of gear packed into a 27-foot truck.

Most interesting, though, was one of the show’s designers, Taniya Nayak, saying that the length of time it takes to redesign the restaurant is “not two days.” Instead, she said, “We get 24 hours all said and done,” since most of the first day is Robert inspecting the restaurant and unloading what’s already there. Screaming aside, that makes their transformations even more impressive.

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