Donald Trump trashes pristine wilderness in Scotland for a golf course

A new documentary that opens in New York today explores The Apprentice star Donald Trump’s efforts to turn pristine wilderness in Scotland into a golf course, a hotel, and more. The battle between residents, the government, and Trump even led to the arrest of the film’s director, Anthony Baxter, who pursues and challenges Trump like he’s Michael Moore in Roger & Me.

You’ve Been Trumped takes place on the northeast coast of Scotland, the setting of the film Local Hero, which, as Salon’s review notes, is ironically about “a brash American tycoon’s attempt to gobble up a quaint Scottish town.” Here’s how the new documentary’s web site describes it:

“After the Scottish Government overturns its own environmental laws to give Trump the green light, the stage is set for an extraordinary summer of discontent, as the bulldozers spring into action. Water and power is cut off, land disputes erupt, and some residents have thousands of tonnes of earth piled up next to their homes. Complaints go ignored by the police, who instead arrest the film’s director, Anthony Baxter. Local exasperation comes to a surreal head as the now ‘Dr’ Trump scoops up an honorary doctorate from a local university, even as his tractors turn wild, untouched dunes into fairways.

Told entirely without narration, You’ve Been Trumped captures the cultural chasm between the glamorous, jet-setting and media savvy Donald Trump and a deeply rooted Scottish community.”

As you can see in this trailer, which makes me hope the film gets a wider release soon, because I desperately want to see it, Donald Trump is his usual arrogant, evidence-resistant, stupid self. When confronted, he makes absurd arguments.

The only problem is that here, unlike on The Apprentice, the consequence is very real.

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