Big Brother coaches expect to enter the game

The four coaches on Big Brother 14 expect to enter the game, just as we expect (and not just because the show will run out of players before its Sept. 19 finale), because they’ve been tipped off by producers.

On the live feeds from the house, Janelle has negotiated with producers to allow her to have her daughter, Violet, with her in the jury house. This is significant because the coaches have mentioned that their contract said that they would not have to go to the jury house once their team was evicted and they were sent out of the house.

Hamsterwatch notes that coaches are negotiating deals already that assume they’re going in. At one point, Hamsterwatch noticed on the live feeds, Janelle said, “The way that I think it’s a choice is because they asked me what I would do, if given the option.” Dan said he’d been asked the same thing.

Producers also negotiated with Janelle in the Diary Room about what would happen if she does re-enter the game. Hamsterwatch, which documents live feed activity on Twitter, pointed me to a conversation Monday at 5:31 p.m. in which Janelle told Britney, “That’s what I negotiated. That was my thing, so that’s how I kind of know.” She’d said earlier, “they’re definitely thinking about it because she can’t talk”–she meaning Janelle’s infant daughter, who wouldn’t be able to reveal anything. (Kind of hilarious that’s a concern when producers tell the houseguests more than family members would.)

That suggested to her that the re-entry is a forgone conclusion. “Because why would they negotiate that? And then have me sign a thing that says you’re not going to jury as a coach,” Janelle said.

It’s possible producers may just be making plans in the event that the viewer vote allows coaches to return. But keep in mind that the voting didn’t end until today, at 11:59 a.m. PT, and these conversations took place Monday.

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