Reality check: Deadliest Catch deckhand’s dead dad, drug dealer documentary

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch, deckhand Jake Anderson goes to the place where his dad’s remains were found. [Zap2it]

If you like Antiques Roadshow, the creator of Deadliest Catch has a new show, America’s Lost Treasures, debuting tomorrow, July 4, that expands on the formula, with more research and investigation into some of the items. And all the items compete to be included in a National Geographic exhibit. [National Geographic Channel]

Bonus: I was part of a panel discussion at National Geographic along with Thom Beers (moderated by TV Guide’s Damian Holbrook and also including critic Roger Catlin, and in this clip, we somehow start joking about Kennedy’s skull. [YouTube]

Oprah’s development of her not-so-awesome network OWN will be chronicled in a two-hour, behind-the-scenes special on July 8 and 15. If Oprah Builds a Network is anything like Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes, it will be thoroughly captivation television. Watch a preview: [OWN]

Watch Adam Lambert perform with Queen in the Ukraine. [YouTube via USA TODAY]

At least three new reality shows are now being filmed in Las Vegas, including one with Elvira and one about a company that restores cars and bikes. How original. [Las Vegas Review Journal]

Follow a 25-year-old New York City drug dealer who’s been dealing since he was 13 in this short documentary from Vice magazine. [How to Sell Drugs]

There’s a trailer for Craigslist Joe, an August documentary that follows director Joseph Garner’s attempt to live via Craigslist. [Documentary Blog]

Derek Hough and Stephanie Pratt were spotted making out and threatening to open up a reality TV hellmouth. [Celebuzz]

Random: Forbes used an image of The Amazing Race U-Turn clue card to illustrate a story about Twitter last year, and are now using it to link to that old story. [Forbes]

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