Reality check: Survivor and Real World star team up, TLC bets on Pete Rose, 200-pound scrotum

An odd pairing: The Real World‘s Trishelle Cannatella and Survivor‘s Amanda Kimmel are playing poker and being filmed for a pilot of a potential reality series, if anyone wants to buy/watch it. [Hollywood Reporter]

Jimmy Kimmel shows us what it would be like if Randy Jackson judged American Idol alone. [YouTube]

Former MTV execs Liz Gateley and Tony DiSanto are producing “a documentary musical reality show with Kesha”; a Randy Jackson talent search show called America’s Next Superstar Siblings; and now, CMT’s Country Love Story, which Gateley calls “a biography-type series on these artists that would integrate the love songs they wrote for each other.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Kate Gosselin ran a half marathon in under two hours: impressive! [Chicago Tribune]

Pete Rose and his Playboy model fiance Kiana Kim will star in a TLC reality show that will debut later this year. (What other network would it be on?)

Three of the top five female actors on TV aren’t actors but reality TV stars: #2 Kim Kardashian, $18 million; #4 Bethenny Frankel, $12 million, and #5, Khloe Kardashian Odom, $11 million [Forbes]

Jillian Michaels wants to go back to The Biggest Loser, the show she has quit twice, according to the New York Post, which cites an Us Weekly story that doesn’t appear to be online. [New York Post]

Snooki without makeup is the opposite of what you’d expect. Just like every Survivor finale, a photo she posted of herself proves that women often look better without the cosmetics industry plastered all over their faces. [Twitter]

Real Estate Weekly hilariously mixed up American Idol and America’s Got Talent. In their defense, both shows have the letters a, m, e, r, i, c, and a in their titles, and it’s probably really hard to Google to find out anything about either of them. [Romenesko]

Sunday’s Strange Sex on TLC features a man with a 200-pound scrotum, although some reports say it’s just 160 pounds. If you can’t wait to see that, watch this preview, in which his scrotum is covered with a blanket–although that makes it even more horrifying, especially when he uses it as a table. [TLC]

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